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Civimech have handled almost all the air-conditioning projects of the Omega Line Group of Companies and MAS Group which includes installation, supplying and maintenance of those HVAC systems. Civimech also introduced the ultramodern VRV air-conditioning system with the latest power-saving technology for the luxury apartments in Iceland residencies Colombo 03 and is considered as the biggest VRV project in Sri Lanka up to date.

Victory Information PVT (Ltd) has being developed an ERP system known as H2SO4 which is support for human resource management. The system is used for staff, employees as well as labors. Followings are the specific features on H2SO4 system which are required by Civimech company.

  • Employee Daily Attendance
  • Official and Non-Official Leave Management
  • Employee Profile
  • Payroll Module
  • EPF, EFT, EPF e- Return
  • Payments to bank and Multiple Banks
  • Slips Transfer
  • Multiple Locations and Branches
  • Advanced Report Module

Human Resources is organizational function deals with the people and issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management and training.

Attendance category is Employees who show up for work on time more often than not and give proper notice of absences or tardiness are practicing good attendance.

The Leave feature automates the tasks of recording leaves and controlling these against leave policies defines in HR system. Also it has capability to define different types of leaves and corresponding rules applicable to an organization.

The Loan Category is employee loans will be granted where there is a serious need or where emergency relief is required due to circumstances that could been foreseen by the employee or where emergency relief is required.

A Payroll System is software which organizes all the tasks of employee payment and the filling of employee taxes.

In Reports category, comprehensive reports reflecting every aspect of employee details, master files and transactions can be generated by the System. These reports are user defined according to the management requirements.

Employee Portal is a secured web-based module that empowers employees to view and make updates to their own personal and benefit information without filling out forms and waiting for the Human Resource department to enter it into the system.

  • We have worked with Victory Information nearly more than 3 years and recommending the team for software solutions. The management and the team, both are very helpful at the time from the requirement study, implementation and the post-go-live support. They were with us for an extra mile until the customer satisfaction and greatly appreciate their service and the support.

    Asiri Cooray

    Thakral One - Head of ERP Solutions
  • The feedback for the H2SO4 system is good in all areas including servicing. Special thanks to Mr.Haritha Munasinghe for the persisting maintenance of same.

    Chathurika Deepani Subasinghe

    Delvon Security & Investigation PVT(Ltd) - Assistant Managing Director
  • The team has been delivering results within the budget and the time. I’m absolutely satisfied with the quality of their services, their development skills, and responsibility as well as the way they manage communication with us and our clients. I fully recommend Victory Information as a reliable IT partner.

    Ruwan Hitinayake

    Ekrain Holdings - Managing Director
  • We have been using H2SO4 as our ERP solution and have to say that it has transformed the way we do business. Real-time accounting provides real-time information to us with critical insight into our business which allows us to make fast and timely decisions. Flexible reporting in H2SO4 helps us to have information in an analytical manner which speeds up the effective decision making. Victory Information PVT(Ltd) has put a tremendous effort to make a model suitable for our industry as a Fertilizing Company.

    R M D B Rathnayake

    Ceylon Fertilizer Comapny Limited - IT Manager


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